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no points


Section four under language and culture lessons as well as the alphabet do not record the points. The alphabet has not done it for a long time, but I just started section four and noticed it wasn't working.


Hi Leonard, 

Unfortunately some of the lessons in section 4 (and the Alphabet lesson) are using an older format of Rocket Record so they aren't recording points at the moment. We do have plans to update those lessons using the older format in the next month or so, after which they should earn points normally. Our apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused & we do thank you for your patience! 


I am having the same problem, but with Section 2.  I am going over work I have already done which recorded points before and does not now.
Two days ago, it was working ok

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Marina,

You are correct; as you could have noticed the lessons are displaying a little different than it used to two days ago.

On July 8 2015 Adobe Flash released a security update that is blocking our audio from playing. This is only affecting those who have the latest version of Flash installed (version 18.0).

Our IT team has released a workaround until a more permanent solution is found. Since we are using a different player for the audio; the Points Widget is not working properly. You can choose to revert to an older version of Flash (version 17.0) or use the app on your mobile device instead. 

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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