Regarding activation of Assessments


How I activate the assessment programme? None of the titles respond for example how do I get the questions under Greetings?


Hi Ifthikar, Do you mean the My Level feature? The pie charts next to the lesson tiles are a reflection of the rating you've given the lesson. Look for the My Level tab on each lesson to test your comprehension of all the words and phrases in that lesson and get an overall lesson rating. Or, if you’re short on time, you can just click the My Level icon at the top right of every lesson to manually rate the lesson over-all. I hope this helps!


Aslamu alykum Hope to be fine and doing As you know I am new learner,I interested in learning arabic language as i don't how to start my course I mean what is best way to?


Wa'alaykum salam Islahuddin, If you're signed up for the free trial, you have access to the first section of the course. Our courses are designed to be flexible but recommend listening to one or two Interactive Audio lessons and then one or two Language & Culture lessons as the lessons often relate to each other. Once you are relatively comfortable with the language, you can try using the games to solidify your learning and get more practice. If you buy the course you will have access to the Survival Kit lessons - try doing a few of these as you go. They aren't in any particular order but they have useful vocabulary like colors, days of the week, etc. For extra practice, check out the "Practice" tab in the Interactive Audio lessons. You can also rate all your lessons using the My Level feature. I hope that helps!

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