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Some verb conjugations - possible?


Hi everyone! I really enjoy this course and was able to impress a few Egyptian friends with my limited knwledge. As a learner I would like to have some basic conjugations for verbs. Like learning or so. That would really help me getting on with the language. I also noticed different writings for betitkalem in one lession for the same sex. Maybe I'm missing something but I'd just like to know. Otherwise highly enjoyable course. Thanks and regards, Chris


Hi Chris, It's great to hear you're impressing your Egyptian friends already! If you're looking for more verbs, you might find this website useful: Unfortunately we don't have a more advanced Arabic course but that website is a great resource if you're hungry for more :)


I am hungering for more. Thanks for the info. on the website.


I went to the website and discovered that there is substantial difference between standard and Egyptian Arabic. Now I'm really confused. Will people from other countries understand me when I talk to them?


<p>Hi Alan,&nbsp;</p><p>There are definitely differences in pronunciation and vocabulary between Egyptian Arabic and standard Arabic. Most Arabic speaking regions have their own dialect but Egyptian Arabic is understood in most Arabic speaking places due to the influence of the Egyptian media. It's the most widely spoken variety of Arabic but it depends on your needs. If you decide the course isn't for you, we always offer a 60 day money back guarantee. I hope that helps!</p>


Hi all, thanks for the feedback and for the website. I keep practicing with my friend and family :)


Verbs blow me away! I appreciate the website for conjugation.


That desert sky website is REALLY useful.  Thanks

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