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Too Fast


The audio conversations seem really really fast, and very hard to keep up with. I have visited other sites, and theirs is much slower. This is only reason I hardly use this site for learning arabic. Sorry but might as well give my feedback. Great site but audio lesson pretty useless.


This is what real life conversations sound like. Later on they are broken down so you can get it all piece by piece. I think it's great.


I think that the audio conversations are good and at the right speed. You go through them slowly and then at regular speed. I find them quite helpful


The audio is fast, but so are Egyptians when they speak.  No one said it would be easy! LOL


I'm very happy with the speed of the Rocket Arabic audio.  I love how after asking you to translate the word there is a pause to give you time to answer.  

Has anyone here ever tried the Pimsleur courses? The first two, (especially the second one), made me so angry!  The moderator would ask you how to say something and within 0.5 second the Arabic speaker would blurt it out as if he thought he was the one being quizzed!  I was cussing that guy and Paul Pimsleur out all the constantly!  For the third one (Arabic III), they finally got it right and the guy paused enough for the student to answer and it was sooooooo nice!

One thing I liked about Pimsleur is that they did lots of repetitive quizzing on variations of sentences, which was great for committing things to memory.  Rocket Arabic doesn't do that very well so you end up listening to each lesson several times.  It's not so bad, but listening to the moderator explain some culture tidbit in English for the 4th time isn't the most efficient use of our time.

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