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Announcement: Updated Language & Culture lessons


Ahlan to all our Arabic learners!

A quick note to let you know that the Language & Culture lessons have been completely revamped.

The new lessons include more audio examples and more explanations on essential language points. We have also introduced a more commonly used romanization system that is easier to read, and included the use of harakat (diacritics) to assist with reading.

We will be rolling out the new romanization and diacritics across the rest of the course, so stay tuned! 


This sounds great, is the harakat just for the explanation text in lessons or also alongside recordings? I’ve noticed that the romanization can be switched off (for the text alongside recordings) so I’ve been trying to read with it off which can be difficult without the harakat, however not having the harakat also has its advantages - it’s then easier to read the same words elsewhere which almost definitely won’t have harakat. This being the case will the harakat be switchable like the romanization?

Thanks for all the good work and updates!


I've been learning MSA through university courses for about one year before I stumbled across your online courses. Thank you so much for providing this terrific content! Including harakat surely helps reading Arabic language as a beginner. But, being somewhat advanced, I’m having a hard time providing each mark in the Write it! section. Words I actually spelled right will be marked as faulty due to missing marks and I have to check each of the letters manually. Is there an option to disable harakat when checking my spelling?

marieg-rocket languages

Hi N0Us3rN4me,

Please note we have a new way of doing the Write It tests, so it is a smoother transition to go from the lessons, to start writing. You can now sort the phrases instead of using romanization. 

Kind Regards

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