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Voice Recognition Problem


In Module 2.2 Making the weekend plans
Extra Vocabulary
Is it only me or is there a problem in Rocket's recognition of the following.  It seems to cut off the endings.

Voy a las cinco 
Voy a las doce

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Spanish51, 

Thank you for the feedback on lesson 2.2; we have gone ahead and made some changes to it; if you would like to, you can try them again now and the feedback should be more accurate. 

Kind Regards!


I just worked my way through lesson 1.7 (Apr 29), and I also had a problem with recording "cinco"


marieg-rocket languages

Hi FrJohn, 

Thank you for your feedback; I just checked lesson 1.7 and all 3 sentences where 5 is mentioned and the feedback came back correctly... Did you have problems with all 3? Did you get proper feedback where other numbers were involved? 

Kind Regards


I did have problems with all 3 instances. It never let me get a passing grade.

That happens occasionally with others, but I just need to be more deliberate in my speaking and I'm at 100%. So I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with "cinco". I don't hear any difference between me and Mauricio.

I'll let you know if I have any further difficulties. I'm just getting started, and really having fun.
Thanks for the quick reply.


I have given up on trying to correctly pronounce numbers - even simple ones like cinco. It always tells me have I mispronounced the number. I am on Lesson 11.4 and have had that problem all the way through

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