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Forum Rocket Arabic Arabic Grammar كم تبلغ من العمر؟

كم تبلغ من العمر؟


كم تبلغ من العمر


it is a question to ask about age. you can use this the short form which is commonly used in arabic. كم عمرك ؟


عمري سبعة ستين ههههههه


Ahlan Roula, Maha and Khaduj!

This form of the question is used in MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) to ask for somebody's age. In Egyptian dialect, it would be عَنْدَكْ كَامْ سَنَة؟ for addressing a male or عَنْدِكْ كَامْ سَنَة  for addressing a female. The reply would be عَنْدِي عِشْرِينْ سَنَة for example. Check it out  here:

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