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Hello, Why do we put litter "t" at the beginning of some words to show that it is sentence for past tense like "Teheb" when we ask if u want to drink something and we do not put "t" any more in word about that I want to try and we say "gharreb" and not "tgharreb"? thank you Barbara


T (taa) in arabic written in two different way if it is come at the end of the word the first type called (Taa Marbuta ـة the 2nd type is called Taa Maftu7a ـت to know which word use for that, arab simply pronounce it without any (7rakat) if it sound like Ta then it is Maftu7a. but if it sound like Ha then it is Marbuta or simply u cam try to write in english and get what write on last letter for example girl = bent بنت tree= shajrah شجرة by look what is the last letter if its pronounce as HA-or TA I hope that helped



   We often put the letter "t" at the beginning of some verbs not words.
  This letter is equivalent the letter "ت" in Arabic language. and it is considered a one of prefixes which used to represent the (present tense, offers or questions) with the the following pronouns:
  "You"  (Male, Female, and plural) the second person = spoken to "ضمير المُخَاطَب"
  "She" one of the third person = absent "ضمير الغائب"

1- Present Tense
  - "Heya te7eb alqera2ah" : "She loves reading" : "هي تحب القراءة"
    or "Heya bet7eb alqera2ah"
  - "Heya takol makarona" : "She eats macaroni" : "هي تاكل مكرونة"
    or "Heya bitakol makarona"

2- Offers or questions
  - "Mumkin tesa3edny?" : "Could you help me?" : "ممكن تساعدني؟"
  - "Tezaker ma3aya?" : "Do you like to study with me?" : "تذاكر معايا؟"

Note: with these pronouns in present tense we delete the "yi" or "ye" "يـ" from the beginning of the verb and replace it with "t" or "bit". For example:

Yil3ab (play) يلعب ........... tel3ab or bitel3ab

Yizaker (study) يذاكر ....... tzaker or bitzaker

Ye7eb (love / like) يحب ..... te7eb or bit7eb

Thank you!




shukran, ya rocket-arabic-amr always good answer

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