Arabic grammar lessons?


Ahlan Samira If you are looking for grammar lessons, please check out the Language & Culture lessons. These are the last 4 or 5 lessons in each section. I hope this helps! - Amira


Indian urdu


Ahlan Mohammad Unfortunately we don't offer an Urdu language course but we do offer Rocket Hindi - you can find out more here: All the best!


can anyone teach me arabic one to one. and i took the test and i got 73%. because i didnt understand some questions cos it was in arabic egyptian colligual i am used to modern standard and quranic arabic. i say anta here it said inta , i prefer the modern ratherthan colligual


Ahlan Saleem Unfortunately we don't offer one on one lessons but maybe you can look for a language exchange online? There is quite a difference between standard Arabic and the Egyptian dialect but it does get easier! All the best :)


How Can I Write my name in Arabic?


i will try it in challah


I got 85% on my test. Am I a beginner?

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