Forum Rocket Arabic Arabic Grammar How long have I been studying arabic?

How long have I been studying arabic?


Hi- I know how to say I have been studying arabic for 1 month (as this is covered in one of the lessons) But how would I say, I have been studying arabic for 6 months for instance? thanks


Ahlan Jennifer, You can say: Ana bazaker arabi ba2ali sit shehour / أنا بذاكر عربي بقالي ست شهور I hope that helps!


Ahlan Amira, Where did the "bazaker" come from? In lesson 1.2 "bedres" is the 1st person singular Present Tense. Could you give me the whole conjugation, please? Thanks!


Hi Stasa, Sorry for the late reply! Bazaker and bedres almost have the same meaning in this context so you can say "Ana bedres arabi ba2ali sit shehour" I hope that helps!


thanks for the  new vocabulary :D

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