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present tense grammar....written differently in audio lessons verses grammar section


The audio lessons 1.2 asks do you speak Arabic....they spell you speak with betitkalem....our grammar lessons say present tense is "bit"....really confused


Also, when Amira is addressing Hani at the beginning the program...the program spells do you speak or you speak (addressing a male) differently....


Hi Candice-W,

About lesson 1.2:

As you may know that the (Franco Arab) is not a formal proper language, and it has not fixed rules.

So, writing words in (Franco Arab) might be an easier to read and learn, but it may be some little differences in the form of writing.

These simple differences in the form of writing related to the pronunciation, but don't change the meaning.

Over time, continue learning and listening you will have the ability of the right pronunciation whatever the form of writing in (Franco Arab) is.


I really think it is worth learning the Arabic lettering right from the start.  Franco drives me nuts!  It just can't be as exact as the Arabic lettering no matter how uniform you try to present it.  The one problem I have with not knowing Franco Arabic is when I am on Facebook with my Egyptian friends and they use the Franco to exchange comments.  Some use Franco (in all its many variations) and some use Arabic lettering.  Shwaya shwaya I'll get it!  (That is the only Franco I am comfortable with LOL)


Before I used to read with arabic franco but now i changed coze many times we can get confused.
merci rocket-arabic-amr  for being a good teacher :)

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