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Hey, if you have any pressing questions regarding Arabic grammar, word order, structure, etc please let us know. We are here to help. Looking forward to hearing from you. Amira


Hey, I know this is more an interactive course, but I was wondering about the reading comprehension part. Is there any part where we go over the alphabet and learn to recognize the different letters in the word? Polly


Ahlan Polly, The lesson on the alphabet is here : But this only for each individual alphabet and not when they are linked together. The Rocket Arabic course is designed to be more conversational but of course it would be useful to recognize the written form. We are always fine-tuning the program and we do have plans to develop the written aspect of the course, so make sure you stay tuned ;) - Amira


What is the best dictionary to get to help me with Arabic? I went searching on google for dictionaries but there were soo many. Is there any particular one which is extremely helpful? I would prefer one without the actual Arabic writing at this stage as i am still learning.


The "lonely planet egyptian arabic phrase book" has an english-arabic and arabic-english dictionary in it. It is not a professional and extensive dictionary, but because you say you are a beginner, I think it would suit you well. It has the arabic writing but english transliteration is present too. There is more than one variation, and I have the one with the nile river, a sailboat, and a pyramid on the cover. Which is more up to date I do not know.


If I am a male addressing a woman, and I say that she speaks Arabic well, do I use the masculine or feminine form of well?


Anyone who wants to easily learn the arabic alphabet, how to speak, read, and write it, I highly recomend "The Arabic Alphabet: how to read and write it" by Nicholas Awde and Putros Samano. I used this small book to learn the Arabic alphabet within a month, mind you that I was busy with school too. The book is fantastic and concise, plus it also has some grammatical information on the alphabet and even handwriting jargon.


Thanks a lot Ben D1 for the guidance on learning the Arabic Alphabet. I will try to buy this book.

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