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Simple vowel lessons?


Is there any way someone could help me with vowel lessons (like what is a hamza, diphthong, etc) because I really want to continue learning the alphabet but I don't have the money to purchase the full version, even with the discounted price. Also what is the name "Taylor" in Arabic? :) I would love to be able to write my own name. "Ana ismak.... "


Also, if you don't have the vowel and hamza etc. signs, can people still understand your writing?


Ahlan TC By 'vowels' I assume you mean the tanween (fathah, kasrah & dhomma) which are symbols placed above or below letters. These are mainly used when teaching Arabic or to guide people to correct reading (for example in the Quran). However, normal Arabic speakers wouldn't use these when writing or reading unless they needed some further clarification since they would recognize the words without the vowels. If you want to write Taylor in Arabic it would be تيلور or تايلور but if you are looking for an Arabic equivalent instead you could use "Taymoor". Hope that helps!


Ahlan Amira. I just bought Rocket Arabic premium. I've some problem about reading arabic written because there is NO tanween. Can you consider that to put tanween on there. If i read using Romawi written, i can't to pronounceable. Sukron


Ahlan Ahamad! Unfortunately the course doesn't use tanween since it's not usually used in normal Arabic writing. I would suggest familiarizing yourself with the words without the tanween - you can also use the audio to help you pronounce the words. I'm sorry I can't be of further help but if you have any other questions, please let me know! - Amira


how do u recite without thanween


Since I learned fuS7a for six years before starting to study Egyptian dialect, I can see the frustration students have in not knowing the formal Arabic. However, I find the somewhat disregard of rules in grammar and pronunciation in dialect so refreshing and laid back! It is a real joy not to have to work with strict grammar and case endings!


hy everyone
that post was made long time ago but i have a question in this subject... if someone could help me i would appreciate...
for example, there is no taskeel (tanween) in jornals, books, magazines, how could we know the right pronounciation? I ve seen here in midle east that each nationality has different pronunciation regardles to vowels... example: some of them say: hena (here) another huna, or yet hina...
how could we minimize this issu when we are non native speakers?
did you understand my question?


Hi crisfreitas
You're right. The "tashkeel" is not commonly present in journals, magazines or books as most Arabic people are familiar with the words and they do not have to be so strict with the grammatical rules and the formal kind of reading and reciting which is almost only used in news and Quran recitation.
Nowadays, you will find the "tashkeel" only in Quran, very old books and calligraphy. 
Back to your question, you know the correct pronunciation just by studying the dialect like you do with any other language which is actually easier because you don't have to complicate things by studying the grammar rules that people learning formal/standard Arabic need to know.
And yes dialects depend on the Arabic speaking country so you'll just need to know how the people of the country pronounce the word. 
"Huna" is Modern Standard Arabic while "Hena" or "hina" (No difference) is how it is pronounced in Egyptian modern cities. Don't panic if I tell you that this exact word can be pronounced in almost 5 different forms only inside Egypt according to the area whether it's modern, countryside, Bedouin...etc.
Hope this answers your question.


thank you for your reply Eiman, realy it panics me lol
but i know we should focus on wich country we are about to learn.
in the begin I was realy very up set because of it but now i relaxed  :D

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