Use of "ya" in Arabic



لَوْ سَمَحْتِي يَا اَمِيرَة، بِتِقْرِي اِيه؟
Law samaḥti ya Amīra, biti'ri eih?
Excuse me Amira, what are you (fem.) reading?

There's no "ya" in the audio - is it never used/optional when it's not initial in the sentence?   For example, do I teach the kitten "Bai-bai, ya Mak" or just "Bai-bai, Mak" for when he's being carried away from plaguing the older cat?


“Ya" is a polite way of getting someone's attention, so it is optional depending on the context! In this particular case, if the “ya” was left out of the audio but included in the text then this is just an oversight. 

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