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What are all the basic pronouns in Arabic?


I would like to know all of the basic subject and object pronouns in Arabic. The lessons only seem to include, "I," "you," and "you" (plural). How are "we," "he," "she," "they," "me," "you" (if there is another way to say you as an object), "us," "him," "her," and "them?"


Hi Bobby Have you tried using the Phrase Finder feature? It's really useful to look up words - just click on "My Toolbox" > "Phrase Finder". I hope that helps!


أنا انته انتي انتو هوه هيه همه احنه Top to bottom: I, you (, you (, you (pl.), he, she, they, we


Ahlan Bobby and Khaduj

Please check Lesson 1.7 for the list of pronouns..



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