Wrong Answer


From noelgreen : The last question in the 1.6 "Where are you from?" quiz is wrong. The question is, "How do you say 'us' in Arabic?" The answer is, of course, "E7na." But, when you answer that it tells you the answer is, "Inti - ( You (female) )" Thought you should know. 8-)


Hi there, thank you for your post on Rocket Arabic Forum. I'm sorry but I haven't found the question " where are you from?" in the quiz area. In any case there are two ways : Enta mineen? (asking a male) Enti mineen? (asking a female) In relation to the question "How do you say 'us' in Arabic?", we are in process to fix the quiz. Please go back to the quiz in a short while and try it again. Thank you again and all the best for your Arabic learning. :)

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