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Arabic keyboard


where can I find an Arabic keyboard app so I can switch back and forth (and not have to use the virtual keyboard)? Thanks, Emily


Hi Emily, Please try the link below to see how you like it.


Thanks John. I like it, and have used Lexilogos before, but how do I make it so that when I'm typing while doing the writing exercises, this keyboard kicks in instead of the English one? Right now I'm having to click (with my mouse) on each letter on the on screen keyboard...


I set this up with my computer. (I use windows 7) First I added a keyboard language (via control panel>Change Keyboards or other input methods > Keyboards & Languages> Change Keyboards>Add...) I added Egyptian Arabic (AR). And also selected for the Language Bar to be docked in the Taskbar. I bought a set of keyboard stickers for about £3 from ebay and stuck 'em on. Now I can switch easily, via the taskbar, with two clicks, from one language to the other. Hope this helps


   The keyboard stickers and setting work well. 

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