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Differences in dialect and words


Are there many differences between the Arabic spoken in Egypt and that spoken in North Africa, specifically Tunisia?


Hi Margaret, there is a difference between all arabic spoken contries, the base is the same but they all have they own dialect.


You were right brother. Even in Malaysia we have different dialects. So the same thing in Arabic countries. For example; many words to say hello such as hala, labas, gawwa, halau, ahlan or marhaban in Modern Standard Arabic.


Yes, there are differences amongst every dialect, some being more similar to the Egyptian dialect than others. I have a Moroccan friend and the Moroccan dialect is very different than that of the Egyptians. They also speak a lot of French, so I doubt I would be able to understand them very well.


I've been to Egypt and Morocco and they had no problem understanding my Egyptian dialect.


There is a great difference between dialects and words in arabics.As you know people talk in a different way and write the language in a formal way.MSA is formal type of language and can not teach you the dialects of the language.There is difference between Egyptian and Moroccan dialects and both have a different use of language.People who learn only MSA can only speak the formal language and can feel a bit odd.A dialect is necessary to learn if you want to know [url=""]how to speak arabics[/url].

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