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Duplicate words for fly, tail and fox


How do you know what word to use for fly, fox and tail when more than one word is given?


Hi Debra, Fly in Arabic is ذبابه(thobaba); ديل(dael) is not fly. Fox in Arabic is ثعلب(tha3lab) Tail in Arabic is ذنب (m) (dhánab); ذيل (m) (dhayl) Below is from the lession Survival Kit: Pronunciation ذيل (theyl) this word means tail. The second word does not mean tail. ديل dael ذبابه this word is correct for fly. thobaba fly Pronunciation دبانه this word does not mean fly. debana I hope this helps.


Hi Debra. We joined Arabic at around the same time, but you are certainly flying through the program at a rapid rate.


Thanks john for explaining


That was a great explanation, John


Hi Maha & Debra, You both are welcome.

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