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head or brain?


In the RA survival kit for body parts, we're told that there are two words for head - دماغ and الراس.   I understand the second one - it's the same in all of the dialects that I've encountered.  The first one, الدماغ, does not show up in google translate when looking up "head". If you do an image search, you get hundreds of pictures of brains. I asked a guy and he said it meant brain.  The guy doing the rocket Arabic audio lessons definitely seems like a native speaker, so I trust that he's translating correctly... so is الدماغ some sort of obscure Egyptian way of saying "head" that most of the Arabic world recognize as "brain"?


Hello Luke
Well الدماغ in Egypt can be used sometimes whenever a person refers to his head like in "dema3'i mesada3a" = "I have a headache" for instance or "Aaaah ya dma3'i" = "Ooooh my head" whenever someone has a headache or his brain is too over occupied or trying to figure out a difficult issue.
Whereas in formal Arabic, the literal translation of دماغ is brain


Haha your explanation makes perfect sense!  شكرا جزيلا eiman-k-elmasry!!

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