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How do I say the verb "waiting"


I was hoping to communicate some with family members, and I noticed that I am in need of help saying the word "waiting". Can someone please help me with the following:

I am waiting...
You are waiting (male)
You are waiting (female)
You are waiting (plural)

He is waiting (male)
She is waiting (female)
They are waiting (plural)

Thanks so much!



Hello Andrew-T47,

- I am waiting: Ana mestanni = أنا مسـتـنـي

- You are waiting (male): Enta mestanni إنت مسـتـنـي

- You are waiting (female): Enti mestannia إنتي مسـتـنـية

- You are waiting (plural): Ento mestannieen إنتو مسـتـنـيـيـن

- He is waiting (male): Howa mestanni هو مسـتـنـي

- She is waiting (female): Heya mestannia هي مسـتـنـيـة

- They are waiting (plural): Homma mestannieen هما مسـتـنـيـيـن

Thank you!


There is a another word has the same meaning, but it usually used in Standard Arabic Language (Fus7a اللغة العربية الفصحى) not in Egyptian Language (Slang اللغة المصرية العاميّة). This word is: Montazer منتظر
  - I am waiting: Ana montazer أنا مـنـتـظر

  - You are waiting (male): Enta montazer إنـت مـنـتـظر

  - He is waiting (male): Howa montazer هو مـنـتـظر

  - You are waiting (female): Enti montazera إنتي مـنـتـظرة

  - She is waiting (female): Heya montazera هي مـنـتـظرة

  - You are waiting (plural): Ento montazereen إنتو مـنـتـظريـن

  - They are waiting (plural): Homma montazereen هما مـنـتـظريـن

Best regards!


Wow! Thanks so much for the awesome answers. Can't wait to use this w/ my family tonight!

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