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how to say do you have?


how can i say "do you have"? in a arabic


i know of alaki as do you it correct?


how do you said I LOVE YOU?


Ana hibak zadid-I love very much


No help from the admins?!... i think "do you have" is fi ma2ak in Arabic. and i love you is Anna be7ibak


What I have learn in Bahrain ' do you have?' will be ' hal 3indaka (m) / 3indaki (f)?' in Arabic. 'I love you' will be ' uhibbuka (m) / uhibbuki (f)' and you can add ' jiddan' which means ' very much'. Amira....are these correct?


To Zaman and Nadi According to what I had learned in a university في طوكيو, the fus7a arabic 'I love you' = ' uhibbuka (m) / uhibbuki (f)' + jiddan (جدا). And ' do you have?' will be ' hal 3indaka (m) / 3indaki (f)?' But for sure, when an Egyptian say this, he may has some other expressions. Amira ...can you tell us what they are and any difference between man and woman ?


Azuma The Arabic we learn in Rocket is for sure not the fus7a arabic. It is more a local dialect and if you talk to people in other part of the Arab world some of them may not understand you.


It seems to me this Rocket Arabic course is not an interactive teaching method. We can see here that comments made by learners in the forum had not been attended to by the course providers. Seems to me the learners are left to wonder by themselves to find out the answers to the queries. I felt that I have been short-changed !!


I purchased the Spanish Course also. I guess that course is the favorite among the staff, because it is more maintained than this one.


Dear all Thank you for your patience. As you may know our offices are in Christchurch, New Zealand and were destroyed in the recent earthquake. All our staff got out safely and we are in the process of moving into new premises. We are in the process of going through the forums and answering any queries and do appreciate your understanding. Kind regards Rocket Languages


Hi, Amira please answer all the questions asked by all the members. Some of the questions asked by members are well before the earthquake ex: December 2, 2010 are not being answered too. I too feel short changed, if it go on like this I will have to ask for a refund anytime soon.


Ahalan everyone, About how to say 'do you have': to a male you would ask 3andak and to a female 3andik. So if you are asking if they have tea (shay) you would ask a man '3andak shay?' and a woman 3andik shay. Ma3ak means with you (masculine). The feminine is ma3aky. And ma3aya means with me. About how to say 'I love you': it also depends on who you are speaking to. To a male you would say 'ana ba7ebak' and to a female 'ana ba7ebik'. I hope this helps. Salam!


I love you is ana ba7ebak to a male and ana ba7ebik to a female.


Do you have is: andik to a female and andek to a male.


Amira so when are you guys going to work on another level for Arabic or add some more content to the Arabic course

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Almira5, 

We don't have plans to add higher levels at the moment; if this changes in the future, it will be notified through our newsletters and displayed on the website. 

Kind Regards

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