How to say passport?


Ahlan! How do you say passport? In the Describe Yourself lesson it says pasporak, paspory, and passport for passport.


Ahlan Christopher! Passport is "الباسبور " (el passport) but this is modified when you add a pronoun, like in the case of passporak (your passport) and passpory (my passport). I hope that makes sense!


there is another word you might hear it in Arabian airports , passport = Jawaz Al Safar جواز السفر


Ahlan bekum, As Maha said, there is another word has the same meaning which is: "Jawaz Al Safar جواز السفر", and you can say it according to the pronoun. For example: - "Jawaz Safary جواز سفري" it means: "My passport" - "Jawaz Safarak جواز سفرك" it means: "Your Passport" (said to male) - "Jawaz Safarek جواز سفرِك" it means: "Your passport" (said to female) - "Jawazat Safarkom جوازات سفركم" it means: "Your passports" (it used for plural) - "Jawaz Safaroh جواز سفره" it means: "His passport" - "Jawaz Safarha جواز سفرها" it means: "Her passport"

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