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How to type Arabic vowel symbols?



I started to learn Arabic not long ago.  
And I would like to know how to add vowel symbols on Arabic letters while typing. 

In Rocket Languages I can find those symbols while doing the "Writing Test", 
yet in my home computer (I use Windonws 8 system), even though I can find Arabic keyboard, 
but I don't know how to add vowel symbols or other symbols, like fatha tanween or hamza. 

For instance, I would like to write Ahlan wa Sahlan in Arabic with a fatha tanween on the top of Alif of Ahl"a"n. 

Is there anyone who can help me solving this technical problem?  


   I am trying to find an answer for you, though I am aware you may already have found this information out. 


Hello Brian, After studying Arabic for some time, now I know that in most cases, people just don't write vowels on top of letters for daily bases. So now I don't put as much focus on the spelling as at the beginning when I started to learn. It's still very important though, yet I do notice sometimes the answers provided in the writing test is different (or wrong) after I checked dictionary. (I do write to the staff a couple of times to ask spelling questions as I noticed the difference from the online course and in the dictionary.) Greetings from Taiwan


It does help some i  the beginning, though I try not to use them either.


Hi Penny
Although it's not common to use تشكيل (tashkeel) when writing Egyptian Arabic but the following might be of help to you so have fun :)

Shift + E : الضمة
Shift + X : السكون
Shift + Q : الفتحة
Shift + A : الكسرة
ذ + Shift : الشدة
Shift + Z : المدة
Shift + W : تنوين فتح
Shift + S : تنوين كسرة
Shift + R : تنوين ضم
Shift + T : لإ
Shift + G : لأ
Shift + Y : إ
Shift + H : أ
Shift + N : آ
Shift + B : لآ
Shift + V : {
Shift + C : }
Shift + F : ]
Shift + D : [
Shift + J : تمديد الحرف


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