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Shamal and Shamaliya


I learnt on one of the lessons that "Shamal" means "left". I also know that "Shamaliya" means "North". Are these linked in some way or are totally different words?


Hi Maqdoor, I think it is a typo Shimal instead of Shamal meaning left. Examples from lessions: على الشمال 3ala el shimal On the left (2.6 Directions) شمال shamal North (Survival Kit:Countries) امريكا الشماليا Amrica elshamaleya North America (Survival Kit:Countries) القظب السمالي Elqotb elshamaly North Pole (Survival Kit:Countries)


شمال sh(a)mal means North شمال sh(e)mal means left shamalya like northern north vs. northern :D

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