su3'ayar and mazboot


Hi, I have a question about the words su3'ayar and Mazboot , 

su3'ayar means small in 1.3 At the Cafe according to the convo but I found online that it means young also, or is that wrong? if the word is used by itself, does it still mean small? or does it have multiple meanings?

and for mazboot, I'm wondering why it means that's right/exactly in the very first module but in this sentence: Ahwa fi fingan su3'ayar mumkin tikun sada aw mazboot aw sukar zeyada.  It means normally sweet according to the lesson. Why is that? 


no answer? :/


Hi Victoria,
Sorry for being late.
This word has multiple meanings according to the context. But in general it means:
small, little, few, slight, or young.
 - ketab so3'ayar = small book = كتاب صغير
 - walad so3'ayar = little boy or young boy = ولد صغير
 - showayet mal7 so3'ayareen = few salt, small amount of salt or small quantity of salt =        شوية ملح صغيرين
This word means in general:
right, exactly, balanced, good or properly.
 - As you mentioned: fingan ahwa mazboot = good cup of coffee فنجان قهوة مظبوط
 - sho3'l mazboot = perfect work or good job or well done = شغل مظبوط
 - kalamak mazboot = you are right = كلامك مظبوط

I hope it is useful.

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