Forum Rocket Arabic Arabic Vocab Will there be a Level 2 for Egyptian Arabic?

Will there be a Level 2 for Egyptian Arabic?


I love the way that Rocket Arabic does their language learning. The audio is so different than other versions and actually takes into consideration the learner. I would love it if there was a second version. Any update on that? Please :)!


Thank you for your encouragement and trust Andrew. Your feedback really means a lot.
We'll sure let you know whenever there's a higher level. Till then, enjoy your learning :D Wishing you all the best with that!


Yes we need another level for Arabic please help and do something about this. There are people that are in love with the Arabic language and the Arabicness!!!!!

Khalid -yVUr

Yes please!


how come Amira doesn’t reply to this question or the Rocket Languages staff that can give us a time. Always beating around the bush I see 

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