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Good day. 

While scrolling through the "tips" section on learning a new language, I came across a great idea from your article, on placing name cards around the house, in order to reinforce the word in memory. 

However, I cant find extensive word lists for Egyptian Arabic- and i am afraid that an internet search would cause me to unknowingly learn a different dialect, to what i am currently studying.

Is there anyway that you guys can compile an extensive word list, of Egyptian arabic nouns, adjectives and verbs, so that we may employ this technique during our studies? 

If not, could you perhaps point me in the direction of obtaining these word lists, so that i may not make the error, of unknowingly learning a different dialect..... 

Thanks and kindest Regards,




There must be a book "Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary".

Maybe you can google it?

Regards, Jacqueline​​​


Matthew Aldritch's book is pretty good, it is, of course, called "Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary". He also has one verbs, which I've found to be helpful.

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