Is "yimkin" a varient of the word "mumkin"? Do they mean two different words or do they have the same meaning but are in different dialects?


Does Mumkin mean "may I have..?"


Hi Kntlne - did you find "yimkin" somewhere in the course? The word "mumkin" means "maybe" but you can use it to be polite when asking for something. Hope that helps!


No, I didn't find "yimkin" in this course.


i am trying to download all the course, but it not working for me, can use you guys email it to me at [email protected] el amdullah my arabi is getting better shurkran.


Yimkin = maybe /Mumkin = can I / could be


ممكن = it is possible (literal) يمكن = the verb form 'it is possible' masc. singular


I always thought that " mumkin" meant maybe, or it may be possible while "yimkin" was the polite way to say not possible


Hello, The word “Yimkin = يمكن” means: “maybe”, “may”, “perhaps”, “probably” or “possibly”. But the word “Mumkin = ممكن” is translated according to the context. In general it means: “can” or “Could”, but in other cases especially in Egyptian slang it means: “maybe” as well. For example: For request, permissions or offers: 1- “Mumkin afta7 elbab? = ممكن أفتح الباب؟“ Which means: “Can I open the door?” 2- “Mumkin as2al so2al mn fadlak? = ممكن أسأل سؤال من فضلك؟” Which means: “Can I ask a question, please?” 3- “Mumkin testelm el resalah mn fadlak? = ممكن تستلم الرسالة من فضلك؟” Which means: “Could you receive the message please?” Note: “Can” is less polite, so we use “can I” to make offers: 4- “Mumkin asa3dak? = ممكن أساعدك” Which means: “Can I help you?” For possibility: 5- “Elsa3a 3ashara, mumkin yekono wasalo delwaqty = الساعة عشرة، ممكن يكونوا وصلوا دلوقتي” Which means: “It’s ten o’clock. They could have arrived now”. 6- “Mumkin yekon nesy elmafatee7 ممكن يكون نسي المفاتيح” Which means: “maybe he forgot the keys” 7- Someone asks: “Tefteker Hany ye2dar ye3mel elsho3’l dah? تفتكر هاني يقدر يعمل الشغل ده؟ “ Which means: “Do you think that Hany can do this job?” And the answer could be: “Mumkin ممكن” Which means: “Maybe”. 8- “law ma asra3nash mumkin net2a7’ar = لو ما أسرعناش ممكن نتأخر” which means: “If we don’t hurry we could be late”.


Mumkin, as I understand it, Literally means "possible". But, if you think about it, that can be used to mean "maybe". Like if I ask if you can do something, and you answer, "possible", that means the same as saying "maybe". It also can mean "May I", in that it can be phrased as a question just by making it sound like one. So you are kind of saying "Is it possible that I can..." etc. Or you can use it to literally mean "possible". Someone asks if you can do something, and you say "Mish mumkin" or "Not possible". So, yeah, it means ALL of the things listed above, depending on how its used.

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