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Ni Hao! I was wondering if anyone knew of a place to find more things to listen to in Chinese. I think if I could listen to more Chinese conversations, lectures, etc... it might help me learn. Thanks! Nicole

Oggiedoggy take a look here. There's a section dedicated for listening.


Xiexie Ni! I found some children's videos last night that are in Mandarin and I think they will be helpful as well.


不用谢! I think Children's videos are a great way. I too was watching a kids video for Korean the other day (even though my Chinese isn't good enough yet to begin another language!)


I found listening to international news a good way to learn a foreign language, I learnted oral English this way. Always there are many ways, explore your unique style of learning. BE FREE.


I know Hi in chinese, Ni Hao


watch the mandarin news on sbs, thats good.....also what is the music that you hear at the beginning and ending of lessons, I would like to have some music like that to listen to :) thanks :)


I know Youtube is loaded with videos for listening and learning. I found the Song for the 2008 Olympics and listened to it and wrote the pinyin so I can read it when I'm singing. Ni Wawa is a good children's song. That I haven't mastered yet. Go figure. I would bet Google videos will have as much or more foreign language videos. Happy am I to meet you on this road of learning. ZaiJian


Hi there, I also have some resources that are quite useful in learning Chinese and may complement well the rocket languages course. The two resources below are both from the Confucius Institute's website which offers a lot of help to foreigners learning Chinese: #1: Happy Chinese which is for beginners and children and offers cartoon video lessons; #2: Happy Journey Across China which is for more advanced students and offers video lessons about different areas in China and their famous sights and points of interest; I hope this helps and keep up the hard work! - Lin Ping


For those of us outside the Mainland there are links to online Chinese TV. One of those is On the paying side, I like FluentU, which takes videos, music, news, etc and provides 汉字 and pinyin that you can pause... Also their vocab drills are based on the videos.


I found some free apps with children's music in Chinese on i-Tunes. I haven't tried them, but they might be fun, especially if you have children learning Chinese with you:


Thanks for this. This is very helpful. You could also try There are quite a bit of videos on there.


CCTV offers a bunch of shows designed for teaching Chinese to English speakers called Happy Chinese. I have found a lot of these episodes quite helpful. There is a lot of material there.

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