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Chinese Name Cards


Ni Hao. We are traveling to Beijing in July. I keep reading in guide books that it's customary to exchange name cards with people you meet, and that you should have your name written in Chinese on the cards along with contact information. Is this still true, and if so, how do I figure out how to represent my name in Chinese characters? Do you just find characters that are pronounced similar to my name? My name is Kerry Oedel (pronounced O'dell) and my husband's name is Dave. Any suggestions?


凯俐。奥狄 is my recommendation for a lovely feminine name for Kerry Oedel. 大卫 is the most accepted translation of David or Dave 大卫。奥狄 is for Dave Oedel, a Macho one too. Check them out with a trusted Chinese friend please. Enjoy China! Happy and safe trip!


Ni Hao Lin, Can you show us an example of a name card? xie xie Jan


Ni Hao Lin, What would your suggestion be please for a translation of Stephen Ward? Xie Xie Stephen

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