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downloading audio and video screens


I have purchased both premium levels of Rocket Chinese.  I will be away on a long cruise this winter, with internet both unreliable and expensive.  I would therefore like to know how I can download both audio and video screens for the 2 premium levels.

Thanks very much for any suggestions.


marieg-rocket languages

Hi Michael, 

In order to download the audio lessons, you will need to right click on the individual download links (where it says 'Download THIS Interactive Audio Lesson') and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".  

If you find it easier to download all of the Interactive Audio lessons from the same page, look for the "Download ALL of the Interactive Audio Lessons" next to the 'Download THIS Interactive Audio Lesson' link.

You can also Save / Print the written sections of the course in PDF files, by clicking on the PDF icon located to in the top right side of the lesson. 

Kind Regards!

Vanessa Claire

Hi there, 

I have found a way to download each Interactive Audio Lesson one by one, but is there a way to download all of the Audio Lessons simultaneously or must I click on them one by one and save each link? 



marieg-rocket languages

Hi Vanessa, 

Glad to hear you're able to download the lessons individually. There is one way you can download all the audio lessons in one file; the lesson called "All Conversations" from Module 8 (Premium) and Module 16 (Premium Plus) would download all the lessons at once. 

You also have the option to select "Download All of the Interactive Audio lessons" under any audio lesson so you don't have to go to each lesson individually. 

I hope that helps!

David K

Yes, but all Conversations and All reviews do not have the combined PDFs of all the lessons, which would be handy.  You already told me that this is Rocket's intention, but I hope you also have it on your "Customer Request Wishlist."

marieg-rocket languages

Hi David, 

And we appreciate the feedback. I have forwarded the message to the Product Development team for their review.


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