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Rocket Chinese Premium Plus (Level 2)


Hi. I am now about to buy "Instant 24/7 Lifetime Online Access to Rocket Chinese Premium + FREE Bonus Package". If I plan to buy "Rocket Chinese Premium Plus (Level 2)" someday in the future, will I get the discounted price ? Thanks a lot.


When I bought "Rocket Chinese Premium", I was immediately offered "Rocket Chinese Premium Plus" at a discounted price. The same thing happened when I bought "Rocket Spanish Premium". They offered the next level at a discounted price. Your mileage may vary.


I see... thanks a lot for your information.

marieg-rocket languages

I realize this an old post, but just to be updated; we currently offer all 3 levels for the Chinese course: Level 1 for beginners, level 2 for intermediate students, and level 3 for advanced ones. 

Kind Regards!

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