Study in Suzhou


I will be studying in Suzhou (near Shanghai) this year and have heard it is a very foreigner friendly city.
I wonder if anyone has been there before and if they have any advice?
I want to immerse myself in the language as far as possible; if most of the locals are used to foreigners, will they try to speak to me in English?


Hello Amelia,

Congratulations on your study plans!

Not only is Suzhou a charming integration of historical sites and modern lifestyle, but people in Suzhou are very (foreigner) friendly and it's only 30 minutes high speed train ride away from Shanghai. While not every local is proficient in English, they will do their best to communicate with you. However, they will be super happy if you are willing to speak Chinese with them, even just some simple exchanges. You'd be amazed at how quickly your conversational Chinese will improve.

Have a blast in Suzhou. :)



I hope you have an awesome time! I hope to go to China soon!

:) (:

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