Tips On Getting a China Visa


There is a web site I used it to get my China visa. Very reasonably priced, if you are not near an Embassy! The embassy charge off $100USD+ $20+- service charge and the cost off Fedex to and return! A whole lot less expensive than traveling to and from the Embassy! You can receive all the required forms online, with detailed instructions. I used fedex and included fedex return cost. I was in Key West Fl. at the time and from time of Fedex to receive my visa was one week! They have websites for many countries!


I also did the same thing to get my visa. Its always better to do it that way, anyways. Mainly because you pay some else to do the work.


I always use CIBT. Try They are very efficient.


I agree that it is easier and more efficient to use a visa service. I use travisa, and have had great success with them. I like that they will review my applications and supporting documents before submitting to the Embassy and notify me of any errors I may have. They also have a link that allows me to register with the U.S Embassy. I think that even if I lived near an Embassy, I would prefer to use a company that specializes in overseas travel, if for no other reason then the double check provided.


I also used a visa service. They were very professional and the great thing about it is that I didn't have to wait that long to get the visa back.

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