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course content suggestion - advanced numbers


Let me add that you can probably create dialogs that use these numerical concepts.  Buying a house would entail large numbers, particularly if denominated in yuan and the house is in Beijing.  Also, if we are talking about the weather, how do we indicate negative numbers as well as Fahrenheit versus centigrade.  If you ever have a discussion about computers, then talk about the speed (MHz, GHz), the amount of DRAM (gigabytes) and the disk size (terabytes) as well as small time units (nanoseconds, microseconds).



Another great suggestion. Numbers in Chinese can be a bit tricky, especially in the higher denominations so I will definitely push for this to be included in future levels.


   -   Lin Ping


I would like to see content in the Platinum course include very large numbers (millions, billions, trillions) with examples.  Also, how does one represent fractions and decimal points?  How does one say 3.14159 or $2.45?

Also, how does one talk about things like millimeters or megahertz (milli, micro, nano, etc. versus kilo, mega, giga).

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