Forum Rocket Chinese Chinese Feedback and Comments Does anyone know how we can print out our MyVocab lists?

Does anyone know how we can print out our MyVocab lists?

David K

I've  been trying to get a print out of MyVocab list short of individually printing out each page one at a time from a screen print.  I have 65 pages and all sorts of other junk shows up.

I tried exporting the list which is a .CSV file (???) Opening this with NotePad or WordPad produces junk text.

Ideally, wouldn't it be great if we could have a matrix like print out of all of our vocab which we could keep in our back pocket to study at the odd few free minutes through out the day.  I also like scanning the whole lits repeatedly.  It now contains 652 words with seems like it make take 30 minutes or more to try to review each one.  Am I missing some convenient "print all" command" or Format as (list, matrix, flashcard)?  

Also, I wonder how many students might appreciate the convenience of having at list one MyVocab list that comes with every single word already put on the list?  Most of us are new Chinese students so it might not be and "excessive" presumption that we would like to have every single word that shows up in this course in at least one verson of our MyVocab list.  Or if we can only have one, that's the one I would want.

Thanks,  I'm really enjoying these Rocket Chinese, German, and Spanish courses. I'm using all three several hours every day. 


你好David K!

I am very glad that you are enjoying our courses. Currently, there is no option of printing out all of your vocab in one go but I will pass this suggestion on to our development team and hopefully we can incorporate this in our up coming changes. 

Thank you very much for your suggestions and please don't hesitate to keep them coming. 

   -   Lin Ping

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