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I was wondering how you add voice to flash cards. I have clicked on add voice on reveal, but there is no voice. Also there seems to be no way for me to add it either.


Thanks, Denise

marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Denise840, 

Our apologies for any confusion caused. If you are referring to the Custom Flashcards, then unfortunately, we don't have an option to add audio to the set, I apologize. If the set is created from phrases saved from the lesson ("Import from vocab"), then audio is possible there; but when created from an external file or when added manually, then it would only display the written text. 

If you would like to check on the pronunciation for the phrases you add manually, you can use a Translator tool for you to practice, e.g. Google Translate, or any other you prefer. 

Kind Regards

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