flashcards for writing sections


Some of the lessons don't have enough phrases to have flashcards.  That is unfortunate since some of the lessons have 3 or 4 words which is just shy of the 5 required.  One suggestion is to include those words in the next lesson's flashcards.

I would also like to see a cumulative flashcard set for each module, one for each grouping (Interactive Audio, Language and Culture, Writing).


Hi Robert,

Once again, my apologies for the delay in replying to your posts.  Thanks so much for your feedback and ideas.  I will pass them onto the website development team for their consideration.

I hope you are still enjoying your lessons.


I really, really, really hope you all can implement this suggestion. I find flashcards to be one of my favorite learning tools, particularly for learning the characters. A lot of characters are not included because a lot of the writing lessons don't have enough phrases.

David K

I second Robert-C7's suggestion.  It is a perfectly reasonable expectation that every student is going to want a set of Flashcards for each lesson, each module, each entire course, and eventually for all the courses one takes with Rocket. 

Not only should all of these as pre-packaged sets, but we should also have the ability to customize, store, and share,print,  import, and export, or own customized Flashcard sets.

If your software people would just add the capability of students having multiple, customized flashcard sets I would be glad to enter and share the ones I use.

As it is I've taken to manually creating my own paper index cards, and also have a $2.99 Iphone flashcard app that allows me to do this.  A sufficient number of your competitors offer this capability so I recommend making this one of the higher priorities.


Hi Robert and David,

I just wanted to let you know that the IT team are working on Flashcards improvements, which will include the ability to create customisable flashcards.  We hope to have these changes ready to go very soon.


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