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What modules are equivalent to hsk 1 and 2 etc 


Hi Denise,

Thank you for your interest in learning Chinese! 

Apologies ahead if this response seems longer and more complicated than you had expected or preferred, but we don't have a definitive answer to your question, so please bear with us.

HSK, like IELTS or TOEFL for those who speak English as their second language, is largely used as a language reference/threshold for academic applications, like when you're applying for college. For this purpose, HSK 4 is usually the bar for foreign university applicants, HSK 5 for grad school hopefuls, and HSK 6 for people whose post-graduate studies have to do with Chinese. As for a native Chinese speaker, HSK 4 is more or less the level where he or she is a middle or high school graduate - they will know enough vocabularies, but may mispronounce a word or get some grammars incorrectly. Despite that, they will have no problem communicating whether as a student, a worker in the job market, or simply as someone living their daily lives. That is to say, you could well pass HSK 4 with flying colors, but is more familiar with Chinese only as an academic tool, or you could be totally unfamiliar with HSK 4, but be able to live a full and colorful life in a Chinese speaking country.

We here at Rocket Chinese want to make sure that we provide our users with the best of both worlds - book smarts for those with incentives to pass HSK tests, and street smarts for those who want to immerse themselves with Chinese language and culture. That's why we make sure to merge HSK's requirement (which is only a conceptual framework, for more, find out here: http://www.chinesetest.cn/ChangeLan.do?languge=en&t=1597604653565) with useful lessons that are fun and not too dogmatic.

To give you an idea, passing HSK 1 requires the test taker to know at least 150 Chinese words. And in Rocket Chinese level 1, the IAC lessons alone promise you more than that.  But we also take pride in our Language and Culture lessons, which we've tailored for beginners who might feel discouraged if we throw in too many hard grammars or word list all at once. In these lessons, we take HSK's framework as a reference to build up language points and culture topics that one is bound to encounter in Chinese-speaking countries. And in both IAC and L&C lessons, we strongly encourage our users to practice the speaking part with our voice recognition system, because when you're in a Chinese-speaking environment, you're going to need to speak. However, for HSK, speaking test doesn't come in until much later in the process. This goes the same for writing. We start our writing lessons from level 1 because we want our users to spend time writing Hanzi instead of being frightened by their composition; but for HSK, writing test only starts in level 3.

So to answer your question, we can't say 100% for sure what level of HSK you will pass after which Rocket Chinese module; but certain extent of the topics mentioned in HSK levels 1~3 (daily conversations, travel dialogues, responding to daily tasks, etc.) are covered in RC level 1 with varying degrees of difficulty. RC level 2 is an expansion of those foundation, and builds up the user's understanding as well as grasp of more language points and grammatical rules that are necessary for longer sentences or arguments. RC level 3 will introduce more in-depth concepts as the learner will have been more comfortable with Chinese by then. As we create and continue to sharpen each lesson so they can be the most effectively holistic learning experience as well as culture encounter for our users, we hope that our courses not only help users to pass these tests, but help them to get much more out of the beautiful Chinese language than passing the test might bring. 

With that said, if you are in the process of preparing for any levels of the HSK, you can find some practice tests here: http://www.chinesetest.cn/gosimexam.do. We wish you the best of luck with Chinese!



Thanks for your great reply Eleanor. I have started working on hsk flash cards, these are based on my hsk books and web resources. I have one set done and I'm working on another.


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