I am Jiang



Ni hao everyone! I was born in South Korea but adopted as a baby to Sweden, where I grew up. Five years ago I changed my name to Jiang as I've never really been comfortable with my Swedish identity. I am studying Tai Chi Chuan and am very attracted and inspired by the Daoist philosophy. I am very proud of my Korean heritage but as a great part of my interests has its origin in China and Chinese culture, medicine and philosophy, it feels more natural for me to learn Chinese. I'd love to visit China one day. My son (10 years old) and my daughter (6 years old) are totally absorbed by Jackie Chan movies. My son wants me to learn his song "Endless Love" from the movie "The Myth" and sing it for him (in Chinese...) as a bedtime lullybye. And my daughter (named Mu Lan) got really mad at me the other day when I said I couldn't call Jackie Chan on my cell phone :lol: Quick facts: I am 39 years old, widow after my Canadian husband, who passed away 5 years ago, living just outside Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I've got two lovely children and work as an editor.

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