Lesson 2.2 Feedback


Here are some examples from this lesson where the English translation does not exactly match what is being said in Chinese in lesson 2.2. Wǒ yào mǎi liǎngzhāng qù Běijīng de fēijīpiào。 I would like to book two tickets to Beijing. Should be “I would like to buy two (airline) tickets to Beijing.” This is a minor nit and I don’t really object to using the term book (just not precise). Zhènghǎo yīgè xīngqī yǐhòu huílái。 The return flight is exactly a week later. Should be “Returning exactly one week later.” There is no “flight” mentioned. Fēijīpiào duōshǎo qián? How much is it? Should be “How much are the airline tickets?” Jīngjìcāng。 Economy class please Should be “Economy class.” There is no “please” in the sentence. Also, it would be helpful if some of the vocabulary and phrases (or similar phrases) from this lesson were included in the Extra Vocabulary section. Instead we see the same extra vocabulary words that we have seen in previous lessons.


Hi Robert, Thank you for your post. My apologies for the delay in responding. Your feedback is much appreciated. I have sent a copy of your message to the Rocket Chinese team for their consideration, and they will make all of the changes you mentioned ASAP. Thanks again!


It looks like you all have improved the translations - good work. Now that you have created more testing tools, making the translations more accurate helps a lot. Now I would like suggest another testing tool, say "Translate It" and "Translate It to Hanzi" where one is presented with the English text and one types in the pinyin or Hanzi and it is graded like the "Write It" tests, awarding 2 points for each entry.


I notice a continual improvement of the course materials. For instance, additional testing has been added to the writing lessons. I would still like to see additional tests added such as "translate it to Pinyin" (English -> Pinyin) and "translate it to Hanzi" (English -> Hanzi). I would expect you to award 2 points per word/phrase plus the usual amount when the test is completed for the first time.

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