Lesson 3.2 Booking into a hotel



Here is a minor point in the translation of one of the sentences. Zhè shì wǒmende hùzhào hé yīqiān liùbǎi yuán。 这是我们的护照和一千六百元。 Here is 1,600 yuan and the passports. The translation should read: Here are our passports and 1,600 yuan. Also, consider this sentence: Lìngwài qǐng nín chūshì nínde hùzhào。 另外请您出示您的护照。 And I need your passports. I was taken aback when I first read this translation. Was the hotel going to hold onto their passports while they stayed? Then, I realized that the English translation should read like this: In addition please show [me] your passports. The keyword here being 出示 (chūshì) which means to "show, present".

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