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Lesson 3.6 Booking into a Hotel - general feedback



In the "Culture" section of this lesson, two words are introduced. However 宾馆 (bīnguǎn) and 旅店 (lǚdiàn) do not have a buttons to allow us to play and record it like other words in the lesson. There are no lessons where 旅店 (lǚdiàn) appears outside of this so it will not appear in any of the quizzes. Also, this lesson would benefit greatly if there were a "lesson vocabulary" section where a lot of the new vocabulary filling many of the sentences were listed individually. Sentences such as Qiántái de fēnjī hàomǎ shì duóshǎo? 前台的分机号码是多少? includes two new vocabulary words. If we could drill on those and learn them first, then it will be easier to learn the entire sentence next. Here is another sentence with lots of new vocabulary words: Hǎole. Yàoshì yǒu shénme shìr, qǐng suíshí gàosù wǒ. 好了。要是有什么事儿,请随时告诉我。

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