Lesson 3.6 question - zǒngjī



I encountered this sentence in lesson 3.6 - Booking into a Hotel. Zhège bīnguǎn de zǒngjī hàomǎ shì duōshǎo? 这个宾馆的总机号码是多少? What is the telephone number for the hotel? However, I notice the word 总机 (zǒngjī) translates to switchboard. So, a more precise translation of the sentence is "What is the telephone number for the hotel switchboard? If I wanted to ask for the hotel's telephone number, would I not ask Zhège bīnguǎn de diànhuà hàomǎ shì duōshǎo? 这个宾馆的电话号码是多少? That is, substitute 电话号码 (diànhuà hàomǎ) for 总机号码 (zǒngjī hàomǎ). Is it customary in China to inquire about the hotel's switchboard telephone number?

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