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Lesson 4.1 Booking a table - translation feedback



I suggest that Rocket Chinese provides English translations that match the Chinese meaning as closely as possible. Here are some example where I think it can be improved. When answering the question "How many people?", the answer is Liǎng wèi. 两位。 Two. I think a more precise translation is "Two people." Nín shénme shíhòu dào? 您什么时候到? What time? I think a better translation is "What time are you arriving?". Note that this incorporates 您 and 到. qǐng liú xià nín de diànhuà hàomǎ. 请留下您的电话号码。 can I have your contact number please. A more precise translation is "please leave your telephone number". Eventually, Rocket Languages were to ever include testing that has us translating from English to Pinyin or English to Hanzi, this would help us remember how to structure the response.

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