Mandarin handwriting, please!



A problem I have been running into is that it is hard to get much handwriting practice - with writing the strokes in the correct order. Are there any websites that you would guide me to that are free and I don't have to make an account for?
I think the Forum here is very helpful, even when using a different program for most of the "learning" part. Mango does not have anything like the Forum at all, so I am very thankful that Rocket Languages does! I am also quite happy that I can learn Mandarin through them both, which means I am getting more than one way of learning it.


Hi Erubar,

Thank you for your message! We appreciate your dedication in learning Chinese, especially the hardest part--writing--for a lot of people.

Unfortunately, as far as we're concerned, most of the platforms that provide users with handwriting practices are either paid mobile apps or websites where you do have to register. So we'll leave this one to others who might have come across free resources.

Don't forget to have someone (preferably a native) check the quality of those websites for you though! There are less ideal ones out there. 

Best of luck,

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