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A place for members to speak to one another via voice and get some practice in would be lovely. Something like "Skype" perhaps?


I guess what I need is more focused Japanese training...I am a Japanese technical translator already and most of the material is way too basic for me, or socially focused...some things are useful, but in general, it is not what I need...I would like to have a hotline to ask about more difficult vocabulary and issues...


David: for a while some of us in the Spanish forum were using it to practice reading and writing. Someone would start a story, and others would contribute a sentence or paragraph. It was a fun exercise.

For voice practice, I use a site called There you can search out, in your case as well as mine, native Spanish speakers who are learning English. You can connect with those people via Skype. I usually talk with someone for 1/2 hour in English and 1/2 hour in Spanish.

As good as I think RL is, it, nor any other program, can be all inclusive. You have to find other resources to help round out your language learning.

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