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I am (was) a big user of MyVocab.  I had entered definitions for Pinyin and entered the Hanzi in the notes portion.  I also started entering Pinyin for individual Hanzi characters.  What I found particularly useful was being able to hover the mouse over the highlighted characters and then seeing my definition (not Rocket's) display along with the notes.  If I clicked on it, it would bring up a dialog showing what I had entered along with all of the sentences which contain what I had entered.

Now, the functionality is lost.  Now, I see Rocket Chinese phrase or sentence as the definition.  Only my notes are preserved.  Most of the pinyin that I had entered appears to have been lost as I no longer see it highlighted in the text.


It seems that the old functionality has been fixed.  Thank you.


On the last reply I did not get points.  Let us see if this gives points.

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