MyVocab - changes I don't like



When I had entered words in the past, I selected the Pinyin, entered the English definition and in the notes section, put in the Hanzi.  Here is one example:

Notes: 永久
Definition Rocket Chinese gives:

Zhèshì yǒngjiǔ zìxíngchē chǎng shēngchǎnde zuìxīn kuǎnshì。
It's the latest model by the Yongjiu Bicycle Company.

I am guessing from the Hanzi text in the notes section that the definition I had entered was "permanent, everlasting" which I had deduced from Google Translate.  Now that definition is lost.

This was a word that I had added in lesson 10.3.  Now if I look at that lesson, none of the Pinyin words are highlighted.  However, the entire Hanzi sentence is highlighted with the definition being the English for the entire sentence.  This defeats the whole reason I was using vocabulary in the first place.  I like being able to enter individual words so I can hover the mouse over the word and see its meaning. Now it seems that everything is lost.

I just tried adding a vocabulary word to see what happens, i.e. highlight and fill in the form and it is extremely slow and it won't let me fill out the form.  The old behavior was very useful.  The current behavior is retrograde.

If our old vocabulary lists can't be restored, I would prefer to delete all and start over.  However, I'll only do that if the older behavior is restored.


Thank you, Rocket, for fixing this by restoring the old functionality.


Hi Robert, 

Thanks for your feedback! Hopefully this works better for you now :)


I noticed that when I replied I did not get the 100 points that is usually get.  When that happens, I often get the 100 points on the second reply.  We will see if that happens.

Yes - that just happened - I got 100 points for this reply and not the previous reply.

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